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Record what you listen to as mp3 file on the fly


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If you can take screenshots or there are some programs to record as video file what you see on your screen,... Why can't you record the audio you listen to while using your PC?

Replay Music is a very easy-to-use program that allows us to capture and record on the fly as mp3 files any sound played by our computer. From now on you will be able to record, save and tag the songs you will listen by using internet radio stations, streaming or while we access trendy webstes like MySpace, Musicovery, or even youTube.

You only have to install and run Replay Music, then listen to your favorite music and just press the 'record' button. Once you have then recorded, you will be able to tag the songs by adding them the name of the artist, the radio or the year when it has been recorded.

If you are an advanced user you will be able to personalize the records: choose audio drivers, input lines, microphone,... the name of the output files and even record them to a CD on the fly.

Record up to 25 tracks.

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